Australia’s disastrous indigenous voice referendum.

Quote from this Spectator UK article “Mr Albanese looks like setting back the cause his referendum was called to advance. He will leave all sides feeling rawer than when he took it up. Though conceived with good intentions, this has been a serious error of judgment; and, were I Australian, I’d feel angrier about the calling of this referendum than about any possible result.”

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Australia’s disastrous indigenous voice referendum | The Spectator

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  • Alan Foyle September 23, 2023   Reply →

    Hey Albo, I have a voice for you. Shove your referendum up your commie arse.

  • Paul Martino September 24, 2023   Reply →

    Right on Alan Foyle, as far up as he can get it. I for one, (like many other thinking, mature Australian adults) am totally pissed off, having to stand silently by while these minority leftwing fanatical idealogues force unwanted changes down our throats. This was once a truly lucky democratic country, self-sufficient, using OUR OWN oil, gas, minerals, and farm produce, to survive quite comfortably. Now we are forced to toe the line initiated by a fanatical leftwing minority. For example, there is, and always will be, only two genders, a Man to produce the seed and a Woman to nurture that seed in her womb until another child is born. All this forced acceptance and acknowledgment of the multiple self-identifying weirdo LGBQT, gay rights, etc. is an abomination. I could rant on for hours, but as a 76-year-old (straight) Vietnam Veteran MALE, (married to the same (straight) FEMALE for 54 years, with 3 (straight) adult Children, 5 (straight) Grandchildren and 2 (straight at this time – until the system fucks them up), what the hell would I know. If only these pollies who somehow get elected to “run” this country, had the same life experience as I (a 3rd. generation War Veteran-Grandfather, Infantryman crippled in WW1, Father, RN radio operator torpedoed on Atlantic Convoy escort duty and I, a conscript Sapper Vietnam 70-71) have, we might get more sensible decisions and behaviour from those idiots stuffing up everything we ever fought to protect. A DEMOCRACY!!!

    • Alan Foyle September 24, 2023   Reply →

      Paul, they have no consideration or knowlwdge of what we went thorough. Don’t tell me to accept another flag other than the Australian flag. A piece of shit black, yellow and red rag that is waved around by the latte sipping, cancel culture maggots we have to put up with. Never was and never will be YOUR land. We are Indigineous wheather you like it or not. You don’t own the land we live on. So get your heads out of your arses and accept the decision.

  • Tony brown September 24, 2023   Reply →


  • alan Foyle September 24, 2023   Reply →

    You are a joke Albo. Do the right thing and resign.

  • Kenneth Taylor September 24, 2023   Reply →

    It appears that there hasn’t been a Leader with any form of commonsense in Labor since that old dependable Bob Hawke. Bob knew the People and worked with them. He also understood industry and worked with them also. Since his day there has been a number of failures put forward who have for one reason or enougher managed to get hold of the leader ship. You can sort out who these failures are / were.

    And now to-day we have some one who is hell bent on going down in History as a Great Leader who solved this Great Countries Problems by starting a civil war of words and dividing the Nation into two sides of resentment. Albo’ has no understanding that 90% of the Population in this country understands that the problems’ with the Aboriginals living conditions and lifestyles are caused by the inability and wasteful methodes and the fauliors of consecutive Governments.

    When going in the wrong direction the first action must be “To Stop” Re-orientate yourself. Study the Gaol you want to achieve then progress and set benchmarks for the checking of progress.

    P.S. It is not One person’s Goal. It is a Nation’s Gaol to rectify the injustice done. Albo’ you are a Faulior.

  • rodney spragg September 25, 2023   Reply →

    Albo (the liar) he has done nothing but lie since he got into office. It is the same as the ALP has done for years. As a Vietnam veteran I can still remember Goff Whitlam (then PM) and Jim Cairns flying to Hanoi (north Vietnam) to show their support for the NVA while we were fighting in the south and then the wharfies would not load our supply ship or Australia postal workers refused to deliver our mail (our only form of communication with Australia at the time). AFTER THAT I HAVE NEVER VOTED FOR THE ALP AND I NEVER WILL.!!!!!

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