Back to Tully for Jungle Training

In February, the 1st Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment immersed themselves in an intensive week of jungle warfare training, conducted amidst the dense foliage of Tully, Queensland. Beginning with foundational jungle skills, the training swiftly escalated to encompass live-fire jungle shakeouts at the platoon level, and further advanced to hone individual and section-level proficiencies.

Reflecting on the comprehensive training, Lance Corporal Jamal Basaid of Bravo Company emphasized the multifaceted nature of the curriculum, which delved into the intricacies of tactics, techniques, and procedures essential for survival in the jungle environment. “There’s a wealth of knowledge to absorb when it comes to thriving in the jungle,” remarked Lance Corporal Basaid, encapsulating the breadth of skills imparted during the rigorous sessions.

Major Tom Folley underscored the unforgiving nature of jungle operations, drawing parallels to historical campaigns like Kokoda and the Vietnam War, which epitomized the relentless challenges posed by such environments. “The jungle presents a unique set of obstacles, where vegetation, terrain, and weather exert profound influence,” Major Folley elucidated. “Operating in such conditions demands heightened resourcefulness, adaptability, and resilience from our soldiers.”

Elaborating on the specialized tactics necessitated by jungle warfare, Major Folley emphasized the primacy of fundamental soldiering skills in navigation. “Jungle navigation relies heavily on traditional methods; the dense canopy obstructs GPS signals, emphasizing the reliance on maps, compass bearings, and pacing,” he elucidated. Furthermore, he emphasized the imperative for soldiers to wield their weapons effectively amidst the dense foliage, adapting their tactics to suit the environment.

Echoing Major Folley’s sentiments, Lance Corporal Basaid stressed the importance of morale amidst the challenges of jungle living. “Maintaining high morale is pivotal, fostered through camaraderie, humour, and mutual understanding,” he emphasized. However, he also emphasized the necessity of focus and commitment when duty calls, highlighting the soldier’s inherent ability to switch gears when faced with operational demands.

In essence, the jungle warfare training encapsulated not only the acquisition of vital skills but also fostered a profound understanding of the unique demands and challenges posed by jungle environments, ensuring that soldiers are prepared to confront and overcome adversity in the most austere conditions.

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