Biden and Netanyahu at Loggerheads.

Amidst the ongoing conflict now entering its fourth month, President Biden’s trust in Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to be eroding. Sources familiar with the matter reveal that Biden has criticized Netanyahu, referring to him as a “bad f-ing guy,” and accusing him of eagerly steering the United States toward a full-scale war against Iran-backed terror factions in the Middle East.

Tensions between the two leaders have escalated, reaching a pinnacle in December when Biden reportedly abruptly ended a contentious conversation with Netanyahu. Disagreements persist over crucial aspects of the conflict, including the necessity to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza and the post-conflict vision for the Palestinian enclave.

Despite these frictions, Biden has reiterated America’s backing of Israel, even as forecasts suggest the conflict may persist into 2024, causing consternation among his Democratic support base.

Recent polling data indicates Biden’s struggle to connect with young voters, with a higher proportion favouring Donald Trump. The war in Gaza is believed by many political observers to be a key factor behind Biden’s lagging popularity. Biden’s camp perceives Netanyahu as detrimental to Democratic interests, prompting calls for Biden to pressure Israel into accepting a ceasefire agreement to avoid potential electoral losses in the upcoming November elections.

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