Boeing Partners with Australia to Sustain AH-64E Apache Fleet

In February, Minister for Defence Richard Marles and Minister for Defence Industry Pat Conroy unveiled Boeing Defence Australia’s pivotal role in maintaining the fleet of 29 AH-64E Apaches through a seven-year Initial Support Contract. The agreement encompasses comprehensive support, including maintenance, engineering, aircrew and maintainer training, and logistics.

Meanwhile, in a symbolic gesture of partnership, Boeing raised the Australian flag at its AH-64 Apache helicopter production line in Mesa, Arizona. This customary flag-raising ceremony, extended to all Apache customers, underscores the expansion of the global Apache fleet. Australia, set to become the 18th nation to operate the Apache as an attack helicopter, will contribute to a fleet exceeding 1,280 helicopters worldwide.

Christina Upah, vice president of Boeing Attack Helicopter Programs, expressed pride in welcoming Australian partners to Mesa, emphasizing the enduring commitment to Australia symbolized by the raised flag. She emphasized that the flags adorning the facility serve as a constant reminder of Boeing’s dedication to delivering the world’s most advanced attack reconnaissance helicopters.

At the event, Major General Jeremy King, Head of the Australian Defence Department’s Joint Aviation Systems Division, voiced his immense pride in witnessing the Australian flag hoisted at the production facility, which will play a central role in producing Australia’s new fleet of Apache attack helicopters.

Additionally, Australian suppliers including Axiom Precision Manufacturing, Cablex, Ferra Engineering, and Thomas Global Systems, pivotal contributors to the Australian and international Apache fleets, were present at the ceremony, further solidifying the collaborative effort.

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