Bowen calls for Bolt’s sacking.

Climate change minister Chris Bowen is urging News Corp to dismiss columnist Andrew Bolt following a controversial column in which Bolt asserted that Australians are weary of “kowtowing to the primitive.” Bolt criticized Bowen’s actions at the Cop28 climate summit in Dubai, accusing him of connecting the government’s tribalism and anti-oil stance. The summit concluded with nearly 200 countries agreeing to transition away from fossil fuels.

In his address at the summit, Bowen emphasized the importance of respecting Indigenous people’s knowledge and traditions in addressing climate change. Bolt dismissed these remarks as “brainless posturing,” questioning the selective nature of Bowen’s respect and whether it extended to non-white Indigenous groups.

Bolt further criticized Bowen’s stance by contrasting it with what he perceived as the abandonment of “primitive” beliefs by non-Indigenous societies through reason and science. He specifically targeted Aboriginal people, mentioning a legal challenge against a gas project based on the disturbance of a crocodile believed to inhabit the area since the Dreamtime.

Bowen responded on social media, condemning Bolt’s characterization of First Nations people as “primitive” and calling for his dismissal by News Ltd. Bolt defended his position, clarifying that he referred to the belief in a crocodile deity, not the Aboriginal people themselves.

The column also delves into the federal court dispute between Tiwi Islanders and Santos over a proposed gas pipeline, where Indigenous beliefs about the Crocodile Man and the Rainbow Serpent were presented as evidence.

Bolt, known for opposing emissions reduction measures and dismissing climate science, has a history of promoting views contrary to mainstream climate science.

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  • Richard Barry OAM December 17, 2023   Reply →

    Ha Ha. I think the headline should read, “Bolt calls for Bowen to be sacked”.

  • Robin December 17, 2023   Reply →

    These days when someone says something with which one doesn’t agree, you call for their resignation. If you’re fast enough, you cancel them before they say what it is you don’t want to hear. Worse, in some cases, you can cancel their financial accounts, give them the flick from clubs or other places, including their employment.

    Think Mr Lehrmann who was fired from his political advisory job well before he was tried for rape. No sense of innocent until found guilty.

    All of us need to fight against these new trends that don’t do anyone any good. Mr Bolt says it as it is and especially the younger generation needs to hear an alternative to the BS they are fed by the universities, mainstream media and governments.

  • stevow December 17, 2023   Reply →

    Well said ROBIN. The Democrats do it in the US, and get away with it, so why not give it a try by a Marxist, I mean, Labor govn in Australia, the govn that hasn’t got a clue, other than how to send us back to the stone ages. Cancelling any opposition is a fad in the west, try cancelling Xi or Vlad and see how fast you disappear. Unfortunately the one world govn will probably win in the end, they have no opposition other than a lot of talkers.

  • Robert Kennedy December 19, 2023   Reply →

    I’m with Andrew Bolt on this one. Bowen is the one who should be sacked, along with Albo and the rest of the climate change crazies. No-one has yet been able to prove that CO2 is a pollutant or has anything to do with the so-called climate change. If the Liberal/National coalition ever want to win the government again, they need to adopt policies that are dead opposite to the rubbish put out by the current lot of idiots in power.
    I encourage people to watch the Sky News channels for a proper, unbiased news service. The free to air channels do not tell the truth regarding news events, but rather put their own mis-guided comments over as the news. The so-called “climate scientists” who agree in “catastrophic climate change” are not real scientists, but rather academics who call themselves climate scientists, for real climate history, listen to geologists like Ian Plimer, who can accurately explain the history of our great planet and its climate.
    Every time something a bit out of the ordinary happens with our weather, according to the main-stream news, it is “unprecedented”, as if it has never happened before. When in fact, most things have occurred before, but if it is outside the memory of the person filing the report, it is “unprecedented”.
    I’m just a cranky old veteran who is sick of the bullshit we are asked to suffer on the television today. I’m sure that my generation has seen the absolute best days of both our country and the world.

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