Campbell Addresses Lambie’s Claims on Remuneration Packages

During a recent Senate estimates hearing, the Chief of the Defence Force, Angus Campbell, sharply criticised independent senator Jacqui Lambie for allegedly spreading misleading information about the remuneration packages of senior commanders.

Campbell’s heated remarks were in response to Lambie’s assertion that the vehicle allowance for these top-ranking officers had been substantially increased, which would effectively boost their salaries by 10%.

In terms of specifics, the typical remuneration package for senior commanders comprises of a basic salary and additional allowances. While it is not publicly stated the exact amount for these officers, an increase in vehicle allowance by 10% could signify a substantial increment, especially if the base salary is in the higher brackets.

However, General Campbell refuted these claims, saying, “There is no additional money being received. An allowance has been pushed into the salary. It is very simple, very clear.” He accused the senator of trying to create a rift between the senior command and the rest of the Australian Defence personnel, including naval sailors, aviators, and soldiers. “I think it is deeply undermining of the cohesion of the force,” Campbell added, concluding with, “And quite frankly, Senator, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Senator Lambie subsequently issued a statement expressing her shock at General Campbell’s reaction. Reiterating her commitment to accountability, she mentioned, “It is my job, and the job of all Senators, to hold all public officials to account for taxpayer money.” Lambie also pointed out that her interactions with the Chief of Defence reflect a broader issue: “It is very obvious that the Chief of Defence believes that there is one rule for senior command and another rule for Diggers.”

To address this ongoing contention, Senator Lambie has reached out to Defence Minister Richard Marles, seeking a retraction of Campbell’s remarks.

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  • stevow October 26, 2023   Reply →

    While I don’t have much time for Lambie, to dare to say “—He accused the senator of trying to create a rift between the senior command and the rest of the Australian Defence personnel,—“. This bloke is joking, I hope, if anyone has done the damage to the interaction between defence chiefs and the soldiers, it is him. Do the right thing, resign and hand back your undeserved medals.

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