One must recognize the unwavering CAN-DO ethic ingrained in the Chinese approach. In the face of any challenge, no matter how formidable, the Chinese exhibit a resolute determination, particularly when resources—both financial and human—can be mobilized to fulfill the ambitions of their Leader.

Drawing from nine years of experience in constructing islands to support bridges, this expertise has seamlessly transitioned to the expansive South China Sea. The question now arises: could the next monumental endeavour involve linking these constructed islands with a bridge to the Spratly Islands? Remarkably, there seems to be little concern for bureaucratic hurdles, as evidenced by the absence of a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

While the world remained oblivious, the Chinese, tirelessly advanced their bridge-building endeavours. The resulting engineering marvel stands as a testament to their technological prowess, placing them among the global elite in this field.

The scale of this achievement is staggering: a 55-kilometer bridge, accomplished in a mere nine years at a cost of $15 billion, without succumbing to the notorious pitfalls of cost overruns. This swift execution is particularly noteworthy, considering the intricacies involved in constructing a six-lane bridge connecting the bustling island of Hong Kong to the mainland at Macau.

The Chinese have effectively demonstrated that their capacity to transform ambitious visions into tangible infrastructure is not only unparalleled but also efficient. The silent progress of the bridge, coupled with its impeccable execution, serves as a testament to the formidable capabilities and commitment embedded in the Chinese CAN-DO spirit.

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