Cavalry Undertake Combat Dismount Training

Photo: 2nd Cavalry Regiment, dismounts from an Australian light armoured vehicle at Townsville Field Training Area, Queensland. photo by Captain Brittany Evans.

Troopers hailing from 2nd Cavalry Regiment recently undertook a series of rigorous anti-armour exercises at the Piccadilly Gate within the expansive Townsville Field Training Area, during the month of February. This strategic endeavour was meticulously designed to assess and fortify their prowess in dismounted operations.

The comprehensive training regimen encompassed a multifaceted approach, incorporating live-fire exercises employing an arsenal comprising the formidable 84mm Carl Gustaf and EF88 Austeyr weaponry. With unwavering focus, both A and B Squadron units honed their skills in executing anti-armour stalks while operating without the support of mounted vehicles.

Under the vigilant guidance of Troop Sergeant Emilio Escobar, the squadrons embarked on a series of meticulously orchestrated section live-fire assaults. These engagements were orchestrated to simulate a full-mission scenario, complete with a meticulously crafted enemy-threat simulation. Through these exercises, the troopers adeptly demonstrated their ability to effectively neutralize enemy armoured assets, thus affirming their readiness for combat.

Speaking to the significance of these anti-armour stalks, Sergeant Escobar underscored their pivotal role in eliminating hostile targets while maintaining a discreet profile through foot mobility. “It is imperative that we master the art of anti-armour stalk training,” remarked Sergeant Escobar. “Our mission is clear: infiltrate, strike decisively, and swiftly withdraw.”

Photo: Trooper Lachlan Hinspeter, of 2nd Cavalry Regiment, dismounts from an Australian light armoured vehicle at Townsville Field Training Area, Queensland. Photo by Captain Brittany Evans.

Indeed, while the cavalry prides itself on its mounted reconnaissance capabilities, the importance of proficiency in dismounted operations cannot be overstated. Sergeant Escobar emphasized the dual nature of their responsibilities, stating, “We must excel in both mounted and dismounted tactics to effectively fulfill our duties as soldiers in the Australian Army.”

By embracing a holistic approach to military readiness, these troopers stand poised to confront any challenge with unparalleled skill and versatility. Through their unwavering dedication to mastering both mounted and dismounted tactics, they epitomize the ethos of excellence that defines the Australian Army.

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