Ceremony for the Recovery of NVA Remains – Battle of Balmoral May 1968

Hi Ray (FRONTLINE), I’m sure that you have had a busy ANZAC Day.  See below an “update” on the recovery of NVA remains from the Battle of Balmoral (May 1968):

Ceremony for the Recovery of Vietnamese Remains – Battle of Balmoral, May 1968.

Tomorrow – 26 April 2024, a Vietnamese ceremony (ie: lễ truy điệu ) will be held in Bình Dưỡng Province (forty kilometres north-east of Hồ Chí Minh City) to commemorate the  recovery of the remains of NVA soldiers who fell in the Battle of Balmoral (ie Battle of Đồng Tràm). Australian Embassy officials – including the Australian Defence Attache (Hà Nội) Group Captain Michael Jensen, will attend the ceremony. Australian 3 RAR Vietnam Veteran 77 year-old John Bryant has assisted in the recovery of the remains – for background, including photographs, see: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-04-25/vietnam-war-veteran-returns-to-help-uncover-mass-graves/103766062 – including photographs of veteran John Bryant, recovery activities, and recovered NVA artefacts (see photograph inserted below).

Regards, Ernie Chamberlain

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