Changes to the DVA Rehabilitation Program in 2024

DVA is transforming the way we meet the needs of veterans by making it easier for veterans and their families to engage with the department and make the services we offer more accessible.

The DVA Rehabilitation Program is transforming too. Based on feedback from veterans who have previously completed the Rehabilitation Program, we have enhanced the program model to better serve our clients, with the goal of improving service delivery and outcomes for veterans and their families.

Rest assured that there will be no reduction to the quality or scope of rehabilitation services provided to veterans. Providers will continue to deliver services to veterans living Australia wide and also veterans who are based internationally.

The new Rehabilitation Program model will guarantee continuity of care and services for our clients and increase uniformity amongst providers. This means the provider of your rehabilitation services may change this year, but the level of support and services won’t.

In order to facilitate the consistent provision of rehabilitation services to veterans across the country, service provider contracts will be revised to provide greater consistency and a more personalised service experience for veterans.

Need more information? Visit the link here for more information on the Rehabilitation Program.

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