China vows to combat any moves toward Taiwan independence.

China is increasing its defence spending by 7.2% this year, with the budget more than doubling under President Xi Jinping. Premier Li Qiang omitted “peaceful reunification” in the government’s report on Taiwan at the National People’s Congress. This reflects a more assertive stance on Taiwan. The defence budget increase, despite economic struggles, signals China’s priority on military growth, particularly concerning Taiwan. The defence budget’s consistent rise outpaces economic growth targets. China’s neighbours and the US express concerns over Beijing’s military intentions. China’s defence spending has remained around 1.3% of GDP, posing no immediate strain on its finances. The purchase of new equipment is prioritized to modernize the military by 2035. Tighter management in military procurement follows high-profile personnel purges. China’s emphasis on “reunification” with Taiwan without mentioning “peaceful” indicates a firmer stance. Taiwan urges China to recognize their equal status and enhance cross-strait exchanges. The language on Taiwan has moderately hardened, balancing toughness with stabilizing relations with Taiwan’s international allies. China vows to combat any moves toward Taiwan independence.

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