China’s Espionage Network in Australia Revealed at Defence Summit

China’s extensive spy network in Australia took centre stage at the Defending Australia Summit in Canberra, attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Richard Marles and various military leaders. The summit heard a startling claim that over 1200 Chinese intelligence agents are currently operating in Australia.

Minister Marles acknowledged the heightened tensions in the Pacific region due to China’s recent military activities near Taiwan. He noted that China’s significant defence buildup presents challenges for Australia. Despite these concerns, Marles emphasized the federal government’s commitment to maintaining a strong relationship with China, Australia’s largest trading partner. “We want to have the most productive relationship with China that we can,” Marles stated. He underscored the approach of working with China when possible but standing firm on disagreements to stabilize the relationship.

The Minister also reaffirmed the importance of the AUKUS pact, under which Australia will acquire nuclear-powered submarines. He announced the selection of design partners for the construction of submarine yards in South Australia, a project expected to create 4000 direct jobs at its peak, with an additional 4000 to 5500 direct jobs for the submarine construction.

The summit also featured a former spy’s revelation about the presence of over 1200 Chinese intelligence agents in Australia. These agents are reportedly involved in information gathering, surveillance, and harassment activities for the Chinese regime. The former spy’s interpreter quit moments before his speech, fearing repercussions for speaking negatively about the Chinese government.


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  • Ken.T. May 31, 2024   Reply →

    Makes one think deeply when our Trade with China suddenly becomes more open and free.

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