Comment – Climate Change: The Movie

Gday Ray,

I just want to say how grateful I am to see you spreading the word on this extremely important movie exposure of the most massive, most costly, most environmentally destructive FRAUD in the whole history of Mankind.

If some wonder why you included it in “Frontline”, they shouldn’t! There is nothing of more importance going on in the world, worldwide, which needs MORE attention than the great Climate Change False Alarmism . The great FRAUD that it is, has already undermined Western Civilisation, and our free-market, capitalist economies, to such an extent it is now a greater threat to our very democracies, our freedoms, our liberty, than even the current wars, and threat of an imminent Third World War are!

Unless we can reverse the current INSANITY which drives the economic suicide being driven by the politics of those supporting the FRAUD, we won’t be able to sustain our support for our Armed Services, nor be anywhere near strong enough, nor self-sufficient enough, to defend Australia (or Western Civilisation itself), against the advance and subversion from within, of socialism/communism!

I am saying to as many rallies, friends and acquaintances as I can, please view this movie, onforward it to as many as possible, and especially sit down and watch it with your kids and grandchildren.

We are at a desperately late stage in this battle for survival, and we are STILL LOSING the war!

Again, many thanks to you for doing YOUR bit!

Hooroo 4 now, Brian Hurlock

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