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Climate change is an undeniable reality, spanning billions of years of Earth’s existence. The assertion that humans are solely responsible for this phenomenon is unfounded. Consider the significant contribution of natural sources like active volcanoes, which release vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere with each eruption, far surpassing any mitigation efforts we undertake.

Throughout its history, Earth has experienced cyclical shifts between ice ages and warmer periods, a natural occurrence independent of human activity. Even if we were to drastically reduce carbon emissions, such actions could have unforeseen consequences, such as negatively impacting vegetation and triggering widespread ecological disturbances.

Attributing climate change solely to human activity is a dubious claim, perpetuated by individuals like Al Gore and Greta Thunberg, who capitalize on public fear for personal gain. Meanwhile, global issues like the looming threat of World War III are sidelined as politicians exploit environmental concerns to distract the masses from more pressing matters.

In essence, while acknowledging the reality of climate change, it’s crucial to recognize the complexity of its causes and effects, beyond the simplistic narrative of human culpability propagated by certain individuals and agendas.

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  • Bob Kennedy April 19, 2024   Reply →

    Man-made climate change is the biggest con since the Y2K Bug.
    Those idiots in Canberra who are actually bank-rupting Australia are guilty of treason and should be punished!!!
    Governments of both persuasions are guilty, by selling the people’s assets, removing import tarriffs which kept Australians in jobs, and closing down our coal-fired electricity generators which supplied both businesses and homes with cheap power. The last couple of governments who have embraced this green energy rubbish, should be locked up and the key thrown away, not only have they encouraged this green energy myth, but they have paid huge amounts of tax-payers dollars in subsidies to those crooked bastards!!!

  • Noel Usher April 19, 2024   Reply →

    A friend of mine was once discussing man-made climate change with another friend. Jack asked her, “What about the pollutants spewed out by volcanoes?” to which my other friend said, “That doesn’t count, that’s natural”. Make of that what you will.

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