Consultation announced for Veterans’ Legislation Reform

Creating a simpler, easier to use system for the veteran community. The Government is committed to ensuring that Defence personnel, veterans and their families are well looked after. Highlighted by the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide in its Interim Report, and fully supported by the Government , we are simplifying and harmonising veterans’ legislation that governs compensation and rehabilitation, so veterans and their families can more easily get the support they are entitled to. We want your feedback on the draft Veterans’ Entitlements, Treatment and Support (Simplification and Harmonisation) Bill 2024. Here you can review the proposed changes, understand what’s different and why, learn how changes may impact you, and of course, get involved and provide feedback. An information booklet is also available. Submissions can be provided until 28 April 2024. Visit to find out more.

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  • Stephen Wise March 11, 2024   Reply →

    How many times have I heard this same crap. I have lived too long at 76 yrs. to
    believe this same old, same old. DVA has now reached the point where I am
    isolated from the whole system. I cant get access to the automated system because
    I forgot my password. No one else can help me because they don’t know how. I can’t
    speak to a supervisor because they are on a course. Fortunately I understand busy tone
    on a telephone, but I can’t get any of that either just recorded messages and a button
    pressing exercise. I am at a loss. It is easier for Vets. to lodge a claim but that leads to
    a wait of 2 yrs. or more to have the increased numbers of claims processed. The Minister
    has the power to fix all of this with the flick of a pen. How many Ministers again ?

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