Military working dogs have feelings too..

From Targets Down Adults Only sealed section by our special correspondent, Roger Rollover.

Let slip the dogs of war.

ADF Canine in Chief from Roger Rollover, Senior Officers’ Companion Canines Command.

Spot, we’ve been sniffing around each other long enough to understand each other intimately.

As Top Dog (excuse gender specific language) I trust you will be first to howl at the moon over this latest nonsense from CDF-for-life insisting military dog handlers are to be retrained to limit “cultural sensitivity risks” when confronting enemy fighters or terrorists.

I’ve seen better stuff left on footpaths!

“Handlers are expected to ensure their use of ADF Military Working Dogs is reasonable and necessary in the circumstances.

“Those directing or employing ADF MWD teams are expected to be cognisant of any cultural sensitivities in relation to the use of ADF MWD and, where circumstances allow, take active steps to minimise cultural sensitivity risks associated with such use.”

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