Decommissioning of the minehunter coastal vessel, HMAS Huon (II) later this month.

The Australian Defence Force will retire HMAS Huon (II), a Huon Class minehunter, on May 30 after 25 years of service. Originally launched in July 1997 and commissioned in May 1999, it was built by ADI Newcastle from an Italian design. Named after Australian rivers, it’s the second vessel with this title. HMAS Huon (II) boasted a unique low-magnetic hull for mine operations and advanced sonar capabilities. It was armed with an MSI DS30B Oerlikon 30mm cannon, unique to the Australian Defence Force. Recently, it participated in Exercise Talisman Sabre 23’s search operations near Lindeman Island, Queensland. Earlier this month, the crew of HMAS Huon marched through Huonville, Tasmania, in a Freedom of Entry ceremony, a tradition signifying trust and respect from the town.

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