Disappointing Inaction from ANU on Pro-Palestinian Encampments

Multiple students at the Australian National University (ANU) are facing expulsion and police referral over their behaviour at pro-Palestinian encampments. These activists have held protests and set up Gaza solidarity camps since the Israel-Hamas war began on October 7.

Despite Vice-Chancellor Genevieve Bell acknowledging instances of unacceptable behaviour and confirming disciplinary actions against 10 students, only two have been expelled, and five cases remain unresolved. Furthermore, four incidents have been referred to police.

ANU claims to take these matters seriously, emphasizing procedural fairness and support for all students. However, the slow and minimal action taken raises concerns about the university’s commitment to upholding its codes of conduct and ensuring campus safety.

Protesters have demanded ANU divest from companies linked to Israel and cut academic ties. Despite police and campus security ordering the removal of encampments by May 28, some still remain. Offensive stickers and slogans continue to be displayed on campus, with limited efforts to remove them.

This situation highlights a disappointing lack of decisive action by ANU in addressing the ongoing protests and maintaining a safe and respectful campus environment.

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  • Charles Kizis June 10, 2024   Reply →

    There is no excuse for their behaviour. Most of the students don’t even know where Gaza is let alone support the Pallestianians. Also many of the students demonstrating are foreign and bringing their ideologies to Australia. They should not only be expelled but deported back to the countries that they came from. We don’t need them here.

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