DVA may face class action over privacy breach.

A class action will allege the medical histories of up to 300,000 Australian military veterans have been secretly shared with a university without consent for two decades.

It happened under a program called MATES, which was run by the Department of Veterans Affairs until this week, when it was shut down due to ethical concerns.

The law firm Gordon Legal is investigating a class action against the department, which could pave the way for compensation for the veterans whose privacy has been breached.

CLICK LINK to listen to ABC report.

DVA may face class action over privacy breach – ABC listen

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  • Swannie February 16, 2024   Reply →

    Well that explains why I was contacted by the University of South Australia, what year I cannot pin point. However they alerted me to the fact that I would have been exposed to the parasite worm, strongolityes (sp ) during my service in SVN and that I should get tested.I did, it came back as positive, a course of antibiotics and I was rid of a potentially dangerous parasitical worm that I had been infected with since 1971. So It wasn’t always a negative breach of my personal data.

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