DVA – Smoke alarms for veterans with hearing impairment.

To support veterans living with hearing conditions, we provide assistive listening and hearing devices through the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP).

The devices offered through the RAP program are designed to improve a veteran’s ability to hear in specific listening situations.

While standard smoke alarms are suitable for most people with a mild to moderate hearing impairment, people with severe hearing loss are unlikely to hear a standard smoke alarm.

For these veterans, DVA provides specialised smoke alarm packages that include a high quality smoke alarm, vibration pad, and flashing light. The addition of the vibration pad and flashing light improves the ability to respond quickly and independently during a potential emergency.

Veterans may be eligible to receive a specialised smoke alarm package through the RAP if they:

  • have been diagnosed with profound hearing loss in the better functioning ear, and
  • hold a Veteran Gold Card, or a Veteran White Card for a related accepted condition.

To get a specialised package, organise an appointment with your GP, audiologist, audiometrist, occupational therapist or hearing specialist.

Also, check out what other assistive listening and hearing devices are available through the RAP to help veterans live safely and independently.

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