Ecocidal Moah Creek wind farm, Central Qld – waiting for Federal approval

Proposed Moah Creek wind farm will destroy over 600ha of some of the best remnant forests near Rockhampton. The proponents are Energy Estate, RES and CleanCo. The project will smash 76km of new haulage roads up into the high ridge lines and escarpments and will cause damage to over 3,000ha of classified ‘remnant’ vegetation from ‘edge effects’. When this project is combined with the other 27 wind projects in the area covering all the high elevation ridge lines then the cumulative effects are highly considerable. Scientists are now claiming that wind farms in Queensland can now be classified as a key threatening process for vulnerable and endangered wildlife and ecosystems.

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  • Allan James BALDWIN May 22, 2024   Reply →

    This Albaneese govt needs to take a long hard look at itself and check where the CO2 is going and not make the PEOPLE of this great country suffer and pay for their useless outlook on our input into global warming.

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