Embrace with pride: “The Australian Flag’s Resounding Message”

Originally penned in 1991 by Larry Hannigan, the composition “The Voice of The Australian Flag” resonates even more profoundly in the present era. It addresses the pressing need to safeguard our national symbols and values, given the current threat posed by a faction in Australia that seeks to undermine the flag, the anthem, and potentially the very essence of our nation. These individuals, often cloistered in the digital realm of iPads and smartphones, lack the depth of human experience, having never witnessed the sacrifice of family members for the sake of the flag. Yet, audaciously, they advocate for its alteration based on trivial reasons.

In my sincere perspective, these individuals are misguided and unpatriotic. Their aspirations to dismantle cherished national symbols are futile, as they lack a genuine connection to the profound sacrifices made under the flag. This reading, delivered by John Downes, invites all to comprehend and appreciate the poignant sentiments encapsulated in this timeless piece of writing. Let us embrace it with pride and a steadfast commitment to preserving the essence of our nation.

ED: Ten Minutes well spent.

John Downes – The Voice of the Australia Flag (1991) – YouTube

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  • Eamon December 6, 2023   Reply →

    I think we should change the flag, leave the Southern Cross on, the majority of people around the world can tell the difference between ours or the NZ flag. Canada was in the same position as we were and they have a great flag recognized all around the world. Australian troops fought under the Union Jack not the present flag, during WW2 the Australian flag was the red ensign.

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