Empty suggestions are never going to float.

THERE are few people so annoying as those aficionados of the ancient martial art, ‘Aorta’

For anyone who believes they have never heard of ‘Aorta’, its practitioners are all around us, just like carbon dioxide, but less useful.

Identifying them is relatively simple if you know the clues, such as where to look and identifying sounds.

Start in pubs, bars, even ADF messes of all kind, officers’ messes included.

You’ve all heard them but possibly never understood their message.

And the worst are the wannabes who copy the brain flatulence of others.

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  • Peter Billington June 3, 2024   Reply →



    Dear Aussies,

    Sometimes you hear and read some stuff / opinions that is very cutting, hurtful and straight out insulting to everyone except the spruiker / writer.

    On reading the “piece” hereunder, written by a chap named Ross Eastgate, my immediately reaction was, this is insultingly bad in so many ways.

    My intention is not to ridicule Mr. Eastgate per-say but to point out how rude, insulting and ineffective his little piece actually is. People have a right to suggest all manner of ideas in relation with Australia’s ADF.

    After all the ADF has be floundering, with recruiting, training and retaining manpower, infrastructure, assets and ordinance decision making and procurement for nyn on 80 years. Ever since the end of WW2 our ADF has been a paradox of its stated / postured capabilities.

    Is it any wonder that ordinary Australians are putting forward their ideas and suggestions in an attempt to contribute.
    Is of no matter how simple, naïve and impractical these people’s idea seem through the eyes of any “armchair general”.
    Mocking is an extremely dysfunctional practice, that puts people down and inhibits their interest and support.
    I will not bother with the repeated use of a word “Aorta”. It is obviously the writer is treating the public like ignorant plebs, who should keep their views to themselves.

    Surely, we do not want the public to be more disinterested and less concerned about our defence capabilities, than the low ebb that exists already

    Peter Billington.

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