Exercise Cope North 2024 in Guam.

RAAF aviators, accompanied by a C-27J Spartan aircraft, are participating in Exercise Cope North 2024 in Guam. The deployment of 215 aviators aims to enhance combat readiness and interoperability with US and Japanese forces. Training will occur at various locations, including Anderson Air Force Base, Won Pat International Airport, North West Field, Tinian, and Saipan. Canada, France, and the Republic of Korea are also involved in the exercise.

Australian aviators will operate on non-traditional airfields, gaining hands-on experience in large-scale air force operations. The scenarios focus on agile operational concepts, improving force projection and survivability. RAAF Task Group Commander GPCAPT Kylie Green emphasizes the commitment to developing skilled aviators through collaborative exercises with allies.

Additionally, the RAAF has recently participated in Exercise Sea Dragon 2024, conducting anti-submarine warfare missions alongside partner nations, including the US, India, Korea, and Japan. The exercise enhances tactical experience and collaboration in a maritime environment to ensure effective deterrence for Australia’s maritime security.

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