Expressing Disappointment in Woolworths’ Decision Regarding Australia Day.

ED: I sent the following email to the CEO of Woolworths, Mr Brad Banducci MBA, LLB, BComm (Acc). Should you wish to send your own message his email address is [email protected]

Remember to be respectful if you wish to get your thought across. 

Att: Mr Brad Banducci MBA , LLB, BComm (Acc)

Dear Mr Banducci,

I trust this message finds you well. I am writing to express my deep disappointment and frustration concerning Woolworths’ recent decision not to actively promote Australia Day. While I understand the commercial considerations behind not endorsing an unprofitable product, it is disheartening to witness a lack of support for Australia Day, especially in light of Woolworths’ enthusiastic promotion of events such as Halloween.

The implications of this decision raise questions about the company’s trajectory and its alignment with the values of a significant portion of its customer base. This choice seems inconsistent with principles of inclusivity and a genuine understanding of the Australian way.

My initial disappointment with Woolworths arose when shareholder funds were used to support what I perceive as a misguided referendum. While I was willing to attribute this to a lapse in judgment, the decision on Australia Day further compounds my concerns. I feel compelled to express that it is my firm intention to seek alternatives to Woolworths whenever possible. This sentiment is shared by many of my network subscribers who harbor similar apprehensions about the company’s current direction.

The prevailing trend of “wokeness” in Woolworths and other corporations within the corporate landscape is, in my opinion, perplexing and not in line with the Australian way of life. The term “woke” itself has come to symbolize a feigned state of awareness that often disregards genuine self-reflection and justice within one’s own behaviour.

In conclusion, I earnestly hope that Woolworths takes a moment to reassess its decision-making processes and gives due consideration to the sentiments of its diverse customer base. Engaging in open dialogue and understanding the broader values of the Australian community would undoubtedly contribute to a more inclusive and customer-centric approach.

Thank you for your time, and I appreciate your consideration of my concerns.


Ray Payne OAM

Frontline Veterans Network

[email protected]


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  • Tony Morton, OAM January 23, 2024   Reply →

    Well expressed R ay. Should be read by all politicians at ALL levels.

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