Families of Veterans Guild: Extending Support Beyond Widows

Australian War Widows NSW has undergone a transformation, now known as Families of Veterans Guild, with an expanded mission to provide comprehensive support and services to all family members of Australian veterans. The decision to rebrand came after thorough consultation with group members.

Under its widened scope, the organization will deliver peer support, social work services, and advocacy for all family members of veterans, prioritizing their social and emotional well-being.

Renee Wilson, CEO of Families of Veterans Guild, emphasized that the name change aims to ensure accessibility to assistance for anyone connected to a veteran. Wilson stated, “We recognize the essential need for support, services, community, and representation within the veteran system for families of veterans. By altering our name, we’re opening doors for widows, veterans’ children, partners, parents, siblings, and extended families.”

Wilson elaborated that the decision stemmed from identified gaps in the veterans’ support landscape. She highlighted, “Our services complement existing ones. Comprehensive support for veterans’ families requires collective effort. Together as a community, we can bridge gaps and enhance the lives of these families.”

The shift aims to eliminate barriers for defence and veteran families in Australia, ensuring that the organization caters to all segments of this community, totalling nearly half a million individuals.



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