French President Emmanuel Macron urged Ukraine’s allies in Prague to step up.

French President Emmanuel Macron urged Ukraine’s allies in Prague to step up, emphasizing the need for bravery in confronting the escalating crisis in Europe. Despite facing criticism for suggesting the deployment of Western troops in Ukraine, Macron reiterated his stance during his visit to Prague, emphasizing the necessity for a strategic shift.

Highlighting the gravity of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Macron emphasized the imminent threat to European soil and the obligation to face it with historical courage. His earlier comments, made after a meeting of Western leaders, reflected his reputation as a diplomatic provocateur challenging conventional norms.

Regarding the shortage of ammunition in Ukraine, Macron expressed support for the Czech Republic’s initiative, backed by other nations, to rapidly procure ammunition from third countries for Ukraine’s defense. While France’s contribution remained unspecified, Macron indicated openness to utilizing European funds for the initiative, despite previous reservations about using EU funds for non-European defense purchases.

Acknowledging the financial challenges, Macron affirmed France’s readiness to support the Czech plan through bilateral cooperation or European funding mechanisms such as the European Peace Facility. The Netherlands had previously pledged 100 million euros to the Czech initiative.

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