FRONTLINE our new website.

Our revamped website now titled Frontline will be back online from Tuesday afternoonWhile we’ve adopted a new name, our members will not notice many changes with the majority occurring behind the scenes. Notably:

  • The forum has been discontinued.
  • We’ve enhanced our security measures for a safer browsing experience.
  • Our official website address is
  • For any queries, feel free to email me at [email protected].

Our core mission remains unaltered: delivering vital news and information to veterans, including current events, obituaries, and still an opportunity to comment.


Ray Payne OAM

When browsing through my posts, kindly approach them as you would with a newspaper: read topics that interest and feel free to skip the ones that don’t interest you.



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  • Glenn September 9, 2023   Reply →


  • stevow September 9, 2023   Reply →

    Keep up the good work mate

  • Alan Foyle September 9, 2023   Reply →

    Looks good.

  • Russell Linwood September 9, 2023   Reply →

    Thank you Ray

    Look forward to the resumed information flow.

    The DHAAT Report on Service with RCB/RAAF (our application for recognition for war service during the Communist Insurgency in Malaysia 1968-1989) will be made public on 20 Sep 23. I’ll pen a short article on it for you if you like. there is massive interest in it given the number shafted veterans and their widows.

    Russell Linwood
    ex OC B Coy 1 RAR (RCB 81/82)

  • Margaret September 9, 2023   Reply →

    Thank you

  • John September 9, 2023   Reply →

    Well done Ray – look forward to it.

  • Greg B September 9, 2023   Reply →

    Great name Ray. Even the contact address reflects a military bias.
    Well thought out. Contnue with your great work. I greatly appreciatee it.

    • Trevor Shelley LM September 10, 2023   Reply →

      Good news. I have missed it.

  • MiKe September 9, 2023   Reply →

    Looking forward to the next iteration Ray, Frontline is apt. 🙂

  • Graham September 9, 2023   Reply →

    Thanks Ray all the best

  • Rob Currall September 9, 2023   Reply →

    Great work Ray we all really appreciate you tireless effort. Special thanks to Glenn working in the engine room and also to our Julie, who has the patience of a Saint.
    Love to you all.

  • Colin B September 10, 2023   Reply →

    Ray will the Frontline accept our old Password used on Veteranweb

  • Richard Barry OAM September 11, 2023   Reply →

    Well done ✅

    May I submit an update about some 2,500 Vietnam Veterans from across the nation who are still waiting patiently for full recognition of their war service?

    Thank you.
    6RAR SVN 1969.

  • BRIAN COLLISON September 12, 2023   Reply →

    Ray, enjoy your website immensely, keeping me in touch with todays happenings……..all things military i find very interesting……things the tabloids don’t say,won’t say for reasons known by only them………thanks Ray for the time & effort needed for a successul publisation……………ex RAE Vietnam 67/68, Regards Brian .

  • Chuck Berry September 12, 2023   Reply →

    Great interesting articles.
    Well done.

  • John (Jack) Snell September 12, 2023   Reply →

    Great work, Ray! Your efforts are much appreciated.

  • Kenneth Taylor September 14, 2023   Reply →

    Hi Ray, Great job on the New Post Name. Looks good. Thank you for your work, greatly appreciated.

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