WHO:  All those who were conscripted into the Army early October 1967 including wives and partners.

WHEN: For two weeks beginning 15 October 2023.

WHERE:  Sawtell Beach Holiday Park – 8ks south of Coffs Harbour NSW. Beautiful beaches and bush walks. Fishing.

LOOSE PROGRAM: Morning Smoko. Barefoot Bowls – Nashos versus visiting Regs. Trivia           Sessions for Richard Irons Memorial Trophy. Secret Women’s Business. Happy Hour – different venue each afternoon. Singalong & Pizzas in the Camp Kitchen. Splendid meals at the RSL, Bowling Club and Fishtales Restaurant. Croquet, Tennis and Disc Bowls.

NOTES:  Every second year we hold a more formal reunion at Sawtell incorporating a more formal memorial service followed by a big sit down hot breakfast at the RSL. More serious State of Origin events for the John Mason Memorial Trophy.

If anyone happens to be in the vicinity, please call in for a refreshment and meet some ageing Vietnam veterans from different units. Most welcome.


Richard Barry OAM


[email protected]

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  • Richard Barry OAM October 2, 2023   Reply →

    Many thanks Ray. We have been doing this since 2005 and of the 30 NS intakes I think the 10th is the only one to hold such regular reunions. Over the years we have had former reg diggers call in, more especially those who were in Reinforcements and were posted to infantry battalions at the last moment in SVN. They are ‘loose cannons’ and really don’t fit into the close association enjoyed by many in latter years.

    The great thing is the ladies who join us. You’d swear they all went to the same school. Many have remarked over the years that such gatherings have assisted greatly in acknowledging that their husbands are not the only who may have problems because the girls talk and share their experiences too.

  • Max Carter October 2, 2023   Reply →

    Enjoy your cruise Ray – I had heard from a vet that vets get a bit of a deal towards their drinks account when travelling with P n O.
    I would be interested to know if this is true as u will probably find out on your trip- u may already know this arrangement already for vets ??
    Cheers Max Carter
    A frontline recipient

    • Ray Payne October 3, 2023   Reply →

      Yes Max, both P&O and Princess lines give veterans and service personnel up to $250 depending on the length of the cruise.

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