Government invests in our future Defence Force

In a strategic move to bolster the ranks of the Defence Force and retain skilled personnel, the government has invested significantly in a continuation bonus program. This initiative, introduced in response to a significant exodus of personnel from the armed forces, aims to encourage members to commit to an additional three years of service.

As part of the program, Defence personnel who meet certain criteria are eligible for a one-off $50,000 bonus, designed to serve as a financial incentive that cannot be achieved through adjusting pay scales. This lump sum payment, established in May’s federal budget, is not tax-deductible and is expected to benefit up to 3400 personnel within the next three years.

Defence Minister Matt Keogh emphasized the importance of retaining highly skilled and trained individuals within the Defence Force, acknowledging the need to recruit more personnel while ensuring the continued contribution of those who have already undergone significant training. Around 85 percent of eligible early to middle ADF ranks have reportedly taken up the continuation payment, indicating a positive response to the initiative.

The continuation bonus program is divided into different categories, each offering varying amounts based on specific criteria. Category A bonuses, which can go up to $200,000, target individuals critical to capability and who commit to an agreed period of service. Similarly, Category B bonuses, with a maximum value of $100,000, focus on specific employment categories and workgroups critical to the Defence Force’s objectives.

For members of the Reserves in Service Category 4 (SERCAT 4), there is a separate Reserve capability completion bonus of $5,000. Eligibility for this bonus requires serving for 12 months as SERCAT 4, meeting the minimum specified days of service, and fulfilling conditions outlined in a written agreement.

However, certain conditions exist for eligibility, and individuals may not qualify for a bonus if they are medically unfit for service, are less than a year away from retirement or the end of their fixed period of service or have received a notice for termination under specific sections of the Act or Defence Regulation.

Additionally, there is a provision for repaying the bonus under circumstances such as not completing the agreed period of service, voluntary departure from the position, transfer between services or reserves, resignation, or termination of service.

In summary, the government’s investment in the continuation bonus program reflects a commitment to strengthening the Defence Force by retaining and incentivizing skilled personnel, ultimately contributing to the nation’s security and defence capabilities.



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