Government Passes Digital ID Bill.

Australia’s House of Representatives has passed the Digital ID Bill 2024, embedding a new online identification program into law with a vote of 87 in favor and 56 against. This legislation aims to replace the need for physical IDs by linking digital identification with government services such as MyGov, Centrelink, Medicare, and the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

The government has allocated $288.1 million from the federal budget for the rollout of this program. The bill, supported by the Labor government, the left-wing Greens, and “Teals,” but opposed by the Liberal-National Opposition, had already passed the Senate in March.

Debate on the bill took place in the Federation Chamber before returning to the House for the final vote on May 16. Nationals MP Pat Conaghan expressed concerns from his constituents regarding privacy, government intervention, and freedom. He emphasized that these worries came from ordinary citizens, not just fringe groups.

Labor MP Graham Perrett countered by highlighting the benefits of the legislation, describing it as secure, overdue, and voluntary. He explained that a digital ID offers a secure and convenient way to verify identity for online services, eliminating the need to repeatedly share sensitive documents like birth certificates, passports, or driver’s licenses.

The Labor government asserts that the digital ID will simplify identity verification online and ensure security and convenience. Additionally, private businesses will be allowed to join Australia’s digital ID system within two years of the law’s enactment.

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  • John May 18, 2024   Reply →

    Australia card comes to mind. How did that go.

  • Noel Usher May 19, 2024   Reply →

    At the expense of being accused of promoting a conspiracy theory I am mindful of Karl Schwab’s (WEF chair) promise that we will have no money but will be happy under the new world order. There will be those who say that the government and others already know every piece of personal data already and that only those who have something to hide need to worry. I have nothing to hide but I am not keen to make it easier for governments to put all my data into one place.

  • Ken.T. May 20, 2024   Reply →

    As the Banks take control of your money (with the government’s blessing) and can track where, when, and how you spend your money, the amount of money you have, and what you earn, and the Government takes control of your Personal Information and everything Private. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but the Next Generation doesn’t have a chance in hell of having anything private, Not even a secret Fart. The young ones of the Universities today are embracing Socialism like the new ice cream on the block. They have been brainwashed very effectively, as the kids in school are being done. How many my age remember when their son or daughter came home from school and told you bodily that they had rights, and you were not allowed to hit them anymore? They could ring the police and have you arrested for child assault. That was the thine edge of the wedge, and the leading, opening line to “The New World “

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