Hamas’ Goals in Israel Unlikely to Unfold as Expected

Hamas operatives entered Israel recently aiming to both kill and abduct Israelis for various malicious purposes. However, their strategies might not play out as intended. The current conflict has seen the death of over 1900 Israelis and over 2600 Palestinians, with these figures expected to rise.

The motivations behind Hamas’ actions can be attributed to their foundational purpose as a terrorist organization and an attempt to rally more support against Israel in the Middle East. While they have seen some success, with pro-Palestinian groups celebrating their efforts in various global locations, the broader implications may not be so favorable.

Hamas is also reacting to the growing relationships between Israel and other Middle Eastern countries, as well as the declining long-term support for Palestinian issues. In the short term, these attacks might hinder diplomatic relations between Israel and countries like Saudi Arabia. However, the long-term result could be a more devastated Gaza with its population facing severe consequences due to Israeli military actions and restrictions on trade and movement.

The Palestinian population might experience more hardship and potentially radicalize further. This unrest might also influence Israeli political dynamics, encouraging a tougher stance on Palestinian territories.

The media should be cautious when giving equal weight to the Hamas narrative. Drawing parallels, the article mentions how terrorists involved in major events like 9/11 also portrayed a narrative of victimhood but weren’t given equal media representation. Solidarity shouldn’t be confused with ignoring atrocities, as history has shown with supporters of leaders like Stalin and Mao.

While the conflict will lead to suffering on both sides, the long-term outcome might be a strengthened Israel and a weakened Hamas. This is contrary to the outcomes Hamas had anticipated. Those supporting Hamas should consider the broader implications of their actions on the Palestinian people’s future.

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