The Anthony Albanese Labor/Greens/Teal alliance is pushing so-called “fuel efficiency standards”, which really mean you pay more for your next ute or big family car.

It’s a ute tax by another name. But it will also hit the big family cars, 4WDs and SUVs Aussies rely on every day.

You have a job where you need to drive long distances? Tough luck.

Need enough power to haul big loads 0r tow a caravan? Too bad.

Need a bigger car to get your kids safely to school and sport? Think again.

They want petrol and diesel engines off the road, full stop.

This isn’t about saving you money or making cars better.

It’s about pushing you to buy expensive electric cars and getting utes off the market.

It’s time to tell Albanese and the Greens and Teals to back off.

We’re facing a cost of living crisis.

And now the Labor/Greens/Teal government is slugging us with yet another tax.

The Ute Tax is being sold as “fuel efficiency standards” but make no mistake: it’s about slugging Aussies in the regions and suburbs with more expensive cars while the inner city elites get cheaper Teslas.

It’s a tax targeted at getting utes and family cars off the roads and forcing hard working Aussies to get electric cars which are more expensive, less reliable and not fit for purpose.

It’s an attack on hard working Aussies who know that for many a ute or a family car isn’t a luxury, it’s an essential.

Enough is enough.


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