Here’s hoping ADF is in ‘safe pair of hands’

MEMO to Hon Richard Marles, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence.

Dear Richard (if I may be so bold), there are moments when personal and political ambition versus national interest, sometimes opposing concepts, collide.

One has arrived, and you have made what may be the most important ministerial decision affecting the ADF’s future direction and leadership.

It is so critical your entire stewardship may be judged by future generations on the basis of that decision alone.

Forget about AUKUS, Hawaiian shirts and cocktails at the Hale Koha Club, Waikiki or golf at the Navy-Marine Club, Pearl Harbour, or even how many VIP jets the PM needs, this will be your Rubicon.

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Here’s hoping ADF is in ‘safe pair of hands’ | Australian Defence History, Policy and Veterans Issues (

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  • Red Webb April 15, 2024   Reply →

    Dear Ross, if I may be so bold, what a delightful Pollyanna you show us.
    To applaud Marx Marles, for ‘his’ appointment of Johnson, almost smacks of you being firmly embedded with The Canberra Cocktail Circuit.
    This chappy, Johnson, has been the 2ic, to Dear Friend Campbell, for five years.
    And with all the concerns & disappointments & inadequacies of those years – not a peep, not a dissenting murder from him
    Oh! The courage of Australia’s Military Leadership.
    And you, Ross, see a positive.
    Inform me/us, Ross, of how you believe the questions from Comrade Marles & the Socialist ALP, were structured.
    What would Sailor Johnson have expected – from the Gillard/Morrison & Campbell directions?
    … and possibly, your thoughts on the female appointment as ADF Chief of Recruiting?
    A LtGen, the same rank as Chief of Army, and two MajGen to assist.
    Onya, Ross – and never was heard, a discouraging word, and the cattle are happy, all day.

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