Hitler’s Speeches Enter the Digital Era:

Adolf Hitler’s speeches from his tenure as chancellor are set to undergo digitization and become accessible online for the first time, igniting debates over the wisdom of this endeavour.

Delving into Propaganda: This ambitious initiative, projected to span seven years, is a collaborative venture between the Institute of Contemporary History Munich-Berlin and the German Broadcasting Archive.

  • Scholars will meticulously dissect the language employed in these speeches to unravel the intricacies of propaganda techniques.
  • A comprehensive cataloguing effort will document 1,525 speeches delivered by Hitler from 1919 to 1945, supplemented with annotations and biographies for individuals referenced.

The dissemination of these speeches holds the potential to dispel prevailing myths surrounding them. Nonetheless, historian and propaganda expert Ian Garner cautions against the risks associated with making Hitler’s orations public.

Potential Pitfalls: While the project aims to offer a nuanced understanding of Hitler’s propaganda strategies, apprehensions loom regarding the misuse of this data.

  • The release of these speeches may inadvertently stoke hate speech and extremist ideologies.
  • Nevertheless, this undertaking offers a unique opportunity to glean insights into the mechanisms through which propaganda moulds public perception and shapes political landscapes.


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