HI all,

Well, I have had my pacemaker fitted all is good, arrived home from hospital at 1:30 no pain thank goodness. I’m quite a bit tired very little sleep, so I’ll have an afternoon nap so I’m ready to watch some riveting TV tonight …haha. I have left arm in a sling and I’m not to reach above my shoulder for three weeks. Anyhow, I will be back at my desk tomorrow.



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  • Erin Bradley November 9, 2023   Reply →

    Rest up Ray and follow Doctors orders. Wishing you a good recovery.

  • charles sparrow November 9, 2023   Reply →

    really good to hear everything went well ray

  • Danny Cooper November 9, 2023   Reply →

    G’Day Ray

    Glad to hear you recovering ok Take Care
    Danny Cooper

  • Kenneth Taylor November 10, 2023   Reply →

    Don’t Push the Envelope just yet Ray. Follow Doctors Orders and take it easy. We are all revealed that you are back and doing well. God Bless.

  • stevow November 10, 2023   Reply →

    Take the rest while you can get it Ray, great to hear you are on the mend.

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