Ian Plimer – We are victims of a fraud.

Ian Plimer is a prominent Australian geologist whose critical perspective on climate change challenges the mainstream narrative. As a professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne and a professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide, Plimer brings considerable expertise and academic rigor to the discussion.

Plimer advocates for a more nuanced understanding of climate change, emphasizing that it is largely a natural phenomenon. He argues that human activities are not the primary drivers of recent global warming, a viewpoint he thoroughly explores in his book “Heaven and Earth: Global Warming – The Missing Science.” This work provides a comprehensive critique of mainstream climate science, questioning the methodologies and assumptions that underpin the consensus on anthropogenic climate change.

Supporters of Plimer’s views appreciate his willingness to challenge prevailing scientific dogmas and to highlight the complexities of climate systems. They argue that his research draws attention to important but often overlooked factors, such as natural climate variability, solar activity, and geological processes. Plimer’s academic background and detailed analysis lend credibility to his arguments, prompting a necessary re-examination of widely accepted theories.

Plimer’s perspective resonates with many who are skeptical of stringent regulatory measures aimed at reducing carbon emissions, advocating instead for balanced and evidence-based approaches to environmental stewardship. His contributions to the climate change debate underscore the importance of considering diverse viewpoints and maintaining scientific integrity in policy discussions.


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  • Clive Bond May 20, 2024   Reply →

    He is a scientist telling us the science, carbon dioxide 0.04% of the atmosphere cannot drive the climate. How many scientists have you seen giving scientific evidence to support claims the CO@ is causing dangerous climate change? NONE !

  • Clive Bond May 21, 2024   Reply →

    Previous comment , that CO@ should be CO2.

  • Brian Hurlock June 1, 2024   Reply →

    The thing is, the demonisation of CO2 is at the very kernel of the original “Global Warming” False Alarm campaign started by the UN IPCC mob of self-serving scientists and would-be “Climatologists”! Since then we have seen the contagion of insanity grow to the present “Climate Change” madness which has already completely wasted trillions upon trillions of dollars worldwide!
    I have long had the mantra that the Climate Change False Alarmism and economic insanity “is the biggest, most costly, most environmentally destructive FRAUD in the whole history of Mankind”.

  • Ken.T. June 3, 2024   Reply →

    There is nothing like a Clause to bring Money in from the Governments and Big Business. Without a Dam Good Argument with screwed and out-of-the-ordinary education line, these so-called scientists have insured their income over the years. Millions of Dollars have changed hands through the rote of Carbon Credits. Just as Turnbull said loud and clear, only fools would not invest in Carbon Credits. Some time back in my younger days it was all about the Ozon Layer. Then some fool came along and told everyone that it was shrinking and that the rockets we were sending up would not harm it even though they were spuing out tons of carbon. Electric cars, Solar Panels, and Wind Turbines are the result of a tremendous scare campaign that only the Western Countries that are not governed by Communism or Dictators are scrambling to abide by. Our loonies in Power have been conned and we are paying for their stupidity and money-making schemes.

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