Inside Ukrainian FPV Kamikaze drone unit with ace pilot ‘Darwin’

Go along with Scripps News for an inside look into the Ukrainian FPV (first person view) Kamikaze drone unit. As artillery shells and rockets run short, Ukraine’s military increasingly turns to FPV drones — marking a new leap in the evolution of Ukraine’s war with Russia. We spend a day in the life of Darwin, a 21-year-old ace FPV drone pilot with Ukraine’s “Achilles” battalion of the 92nd brigade. Darwin hunts targets including Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers and individual soldiers.” Our international correspondent, Jason Bellini, got rare access, over 20 hours, to Darwin and his team. An upcoming episode of Scripps News’ documentary series, “In Real Life,” will focus on the first-person experiences of Darwin, our “kamikaze kid.” This short video is a preview of what’s to come: an all-access view of how Darwin and his team manage to take out, in a single day, nearly a dozen Russian targets.

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