International Women’s Day

“Our ladies in defence” encapsulates the invaluable contributions and sacrifices made by women within the defence sector. On this International Women’s Day, we pay tribute to their remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication.

From the frontlines to strategic command centres, women have played pivotal roles in safeguarding our nations and upholding peace and security. Their resilience, expertise, and commitment are integral to the success of our armed forces.

Beyond their roles in uniform, women also serve as pillars of support as partners, family members, and friends of those in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Their steadfast encouragement and understanding bolster the morale of our service members and contribute to the cohesion of our military community.

Moreover, countless women work tirelessly to enhance the well-being of our veterans, advocating for their rights, providing essential services, and creating opportunities for their reintegration into civilian life. Their compassion and advocacy embody the spirit of service and camaraderie that defines our military ethos.

On this occasion, we express our deepest gratitude to all the courageous women who have served, those who continue to serve, and those who support our ADF in various capacities. Your selflessness and dedication inspire us all, and we are immensely grateful for your invaluable contributions to our nation’s defence and security.

Thank you for your service and commitment, our ladies in defence. Today, and every day, we honour and celebrate your extraordinary contributions to our nation and the world.













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