Is this nation on a slippery slope to a 2nd world status?

By Bob Buick MM

I strongly believe we are becoming a 2nd world nation and have been since thirty/forty years ago with globalisation. We are no longer industrially capable, all self-sustainable manufacturing is gone and we import matches, pins and needles and our major exports are mineral and agricultural products.

At 83 years I’ve witnessed the nation’s halcyon decades the 50s to the 80s and I’m in no doubt the nation is in decline, and I blame all political parties, especially Labor and Liberal. They have collectively failed the colonial administers and past members of parliaments in states and national governments. 

I quote Lee Kuan Yew, PM of Singapore of the last century, when he stated that Australia will become “The white trash of Asia!”, I laughed at the time, but he had a true vision, unlike any politician of Australia post WW2. As there a few Qld LNP’s BBC to this message I am not expecting any correspondence from them on these thoughts, except the Auto-Courtesy reply.

Do they have the same vision as I and are unable to speak publicly?

Even Gen X lacks any vision of their future as they are blinded by political humbug and poor public media policies bullshit as their near to mid future is entering the sewerage system.

They have the same comms ability as I do and never voice their thoughts through the media as the millennials behave like anarchists rioting over unimportant causes like sexual preferences, or that nett zero is destroying humanity, it is a natural evolution in the planet’s cycle. Do Gen Xs remember their childhood and lifestyle with the political freedoms from socialist government controls?

Are they aware that if Australia does not sustain today’s lifestyle as a minimum there will be no prospect of improving the nation’s sustainability and self-reliant prospects, this is the real TIPPING POINT WITH NO CHANCE OF RETURN to a nation’s prosperity!

I am forming the opinion that WW3 is needed against Russia, China and rouge Iran to destroy woke socialism in Western cultures and recreate nationalism that the EU and UN have destroyed, a dream of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

With less than an expected decade to live, I have no fear for any future I’ve lived the best years of my life and will endure the future knowing that my generation has had the best of all generations to date, generations in the future have a challenge and I do sincerely apologise I was not as vigilant nor did I challenged the political system before but will in the future for as long as I’m able.

Today I started in earnest!

Bob Buick

Mountain Creek Qld 4557


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