Is this what we could be doing?

A power plant need not be an unsightly structure obstructing views or casting shadows on its surroundings. In fact, it can serve as the focal point of a city’s most popular park. The Amager Bakke power plant, which he refers to, stands out as one of the world’s cleanest waste-to-energy facilities, thanks to cutting-edge technology that effectively filters its emissions.

Activated in 2017, Amager Bakke is a testament to innovation and sustainability. This eco-friendly power plant, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is set to redefine perceptions of industrial structures. The facility, which cost €550 million ($600 million; £490 million) to construct, has been a nearly decade-long project. Remarkably, it seamlessly integrates functionality with public recreation, as evidenced by the opening of a ski area to the public on Fridays. The plant’s multi-faceted design not only addresses energy needs but also contributes to the community’s leisure and recreational spaces.

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