Australian men and women have valiantly served in two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East, defending the principles of democracy and freedom. They fought against Tyranny and oppression, united under one flag. However, the landscape has changed, with various flags now adorning buildings, raising concerns among many about the dilution of core values. The fight was for freedom of speech, religion, and movement, not for altering sacred traditions. Yet, there’s a growing frustration with a politically correct, vocal minority advocating for changes supported by under-qualified politicians who pander to noisy minorities as it fits with their own agendas.

The concern extends to a perceived erosion of the Australian way of life. Migrants were once welcomed if they embraced the culture, laws, and way of life. However, there’s criticism directed at a subset that appears not to assimilate and rejecting Australian values. There’s a call to preserve the nation’s heritage and resist changes like renaming Australia Day to “Invasion Day” or altering the flag, seen as driven by anti-everything minority groups.

Expressions of discontent have been voiced to political leaders of all persuasions, but there’s cynicism about their responsiveness. The call for action is clear: we must push our politicians hard the restore patriotism, starting with schools, rid society of what is perceived as far left fanatical minorities before irreversible damage is done. The Australian majority are urged to unite and voice their dissatisfaction, if local politicians, be they federal, state or local government don’t support the majority we don’t support them. Hoping that collective action may lead to a more responsive government. The urgency is underscored by the belief that political change is imperative, particularly aiming at those viewed as compromising the nation’s hard-earned way of life.

Ray Payne OAM

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  • Len McArthur January 15, 2024   Reply →

    Totally agree. We only have one Flag, but why is the Indigenous flag now flown along side the Country’s flag.
    We are one. Proud of that regardless of our skin color or ancestry.

  • russell Linwood January 15, 2024   Reply →

    Agree entirely. We have all had a gutful.

  • Robin January 16, 2024   Reply →

    I recall reading the UN’s Agenda 2030 document which, in part, said that the UN intended to indoctrinate school children into UN thinking so that when they became adults and leaders, they would push the One World Government nonsense.

    They’ve managed to do that with the help of organisations like WEF that indoctrinate politicians, business leaders, and individuals who can afford to attend their “school.”

    This has been very successful and we’re now seeing the result of years of their activities.

    I agree with Ray, we need to fight back before it’s too late.

  • Joe January 16, 2024   Reply →

    100% agree. As an ex Nasho 69-71 and now in my twilight years, it saddens me what is happening to Australia. Where there once was one flag proudly flying above government buildings, there is now at least three! Are we one nation? if so why all the different flags! Now, to top that we cannot buy traditional Australia Day items we again once proudly showed on Australia day. I for one will not shop at any fat cat store that panders to the minorities. All through my working life as a shearer, Woolclasser, Welder and finally a Senior Accounts Officer in Local Government, I supported the union movement and the Labor Party. Not anymore! The government which does not cater for the good of ALL Australians will never get my vote. Time the majority stood up and had a VOICE!

    • Alan Foyle January 17, 2024   Reply →

      Entirely agree Joe. I would like to advise Clover MOORE, Albo and all the other useless grubs trying to change our flag that they need to file all the sharp edges off any other flag than the ANF. If i get half a chance I would shove those other two where the sun don’t shine on them. Then again, Labor are a pack of assholes so maybe the sun does shine on them.

  • Ken Ashton January 16, 2024   Reply →

    There is only one flag that should be raised in Australian and that is the Australian National Flag that we served under. Flying the Aboriginal and Torres Strait flags indicates that they are separate nations when we are supposedly one.

  • Daniel 521229 Harkins January 18, 2024   Reply →

    I was born under the Australian flag, fought for my country under the Aussie flag and my coffin will be draped with Aussie flag.

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