Jack Tar ceremony for HMAS Voyager

A message from the Naval Association, Queensland

At 10.30am on Thursday 8 February, we will hold a commemoration to honour the survivors of HMAS Voyager as well as those who went down with the ship. It will take place at the Jack Tar statue in the South Brisbane Memorial Park.

The Naval Association of Australia is issuing an invitation to survivors and descendants of the tragedy, current and former RAN personnel, friends and families to attend the ceremony.

This year the Naval Association of Australia is also extending the invitation to former crew members of HMAS Melbourne.

The ceremony will remember the 82 sailors who died on the night of 10 February 1964 and the 232 survivors who carried the memory for the rest of their lives.

At this ceremony, Lieutenant Commander Chris Le Marshall (Retd), son of a Voyager veteran, will tell his story in front of veterans, serving RAN personnel, descendants, and the general public.

For more information, please contact Jayne Keogh 0418 882408


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