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Australians nationwide are preparing for the upcoming Christmas season, a time of reflection where many evaluate the past year, celebrating achievements and acknowledging areas that may have fallen short. Unfortunately, for Anthony Albanese and the Labor Government, there is little cause for pride. The cost of living has increased, inflation is on the rise, homelessness is escalating, housing remains unaffordable, and immigration rates have reached unprecedented levels.

Despite these challenges, there are positive developments. We successfully opposed the Voice to Parliament proposal, averting potential division among Australians and preventing what could have been the most significant constitutional change in our nation’s history.

Looking ahead to 2024, there are looming challenges. Labor is advocating for new “misinformation” laws that may likely restrict political dissent, labor reforms that could worsen inflation, and imprudent renewable energy policies that pose a threat to valuable agricultural land. It is crucial to steadfastly resist attempts to cancel Australia Day, emphasizing that this day is about people, not politics.

On January 26, Australians come together to celebrate our shared history and anticipate the future. Australia Day is a collective possession that we must protect against activists who sought to undermine our democracy in 2023. While some may view it through a political lens, it should remain a day for unity, a time to rejoice in our past, our freedom from British rule, and contemplate our journey ahead as one nation.

As you take a well-deserved break with family and friends, I wish you joy. I will have more to share in the New Year regarding Australia Day.



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