Keating calls for Australia to step up.

On his 80th birthday, former Prime Minister and Treasurer Paul Keating has used the occasion to call for a bold departure from what he perceives as Australia’s pervasive timidity across various domains. Keating’s remarks, made in an interview with The Australian Financial Review, underscore his belief that Australia must redefine itself intellectually, economically, constitutionally, and in its international relations.

Keating expresses disappointment in what he sees as a lack of self-assurance and innovation in Australia’s national psyche. He contends that the country’s reluctance to assert its own capabilities and chart its own course forward is hindering its progress. He laments the nation’s attachment to outdated structures, such as its constitutional ties with Britain and its dependence on the United States for security.

In the interview, Keating touches on a range of topics, including the evolution of Australia’s superannuation system and the need for greater representation of union-backed industry super funds on corporate boards. He criticizes high marginal tax rates as confiscatory and advocates for tax scale indexation. Keating also shares his perspective on international affairs, opining on the leadership of Joe Biden and the future relationship between Australia and Indonesia under Prabowo Subianto.

Furthermore, Keating discusses Indigenous issues, revealing his opposition to the proposed constitutional “Voice” to the Australian parliament. He suggests alternative approaches, such as a legislated representative Indigenous body, emphasizing the importance of empowering Indigenous communities to manage their own affairs.

Throughout the interview, Keating emphasizes the need for Australia to shed its timidity and embrace a more confident and proactive stance on both domestic and international fronts. He reflects on his extensive experience in public life to underscore his critique of the status quo and his vision for a more assertive and self-assured Keating Australia.



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  • George Cooper February 23, 2024   Reply →

    This is the man who destroyed upwards of 80% of Australia’s manufacturing capacity just so he could boast of our commitment to the global industrial farce!

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