Labor wants to ‘Dictate’ what cars Australians ‘must drive’.

The Labor Party’s latest proposal, spearheaded by Chris Bowen, to impose stringent fuel efficiency standards on vehicle manufacturers reflects a troubling trend towards government overreach and paternalistic control. Under this policy, Australians would find themselves compelled to opt for vehicles that meet the government’s specified fuel efficiency criteria, potentially limiting consumer choice and imposing additional financial burdens.

This heavy-handed approach not only infringes upon individual freedom but also neglects the diverse needs and preferences of Australian consumers. By effectively dictating which cars citizens “must drive,” Labor is undermining the principle of free market dynamics and stifling innovation within the automotive industry. Rather than empowering consumers to make informed decisions based on their unique circumstances, the government is imposing its will in a manner reminiscent of authoritarian regimes.

Moreover, the unintended consequences of such a policy are manifold. While ostensibly aimed at promoting environmental sustainability by encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles, the reality is that it could exacerbate socioeconomic disparities. The inevitable rise in prices for popular vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Ford Ranger would disproportionately impact working-class Australians who rely on these vehicles for their livelihoods, such as farmers, tradespeople, and regional residents.

Furthermore, the lack of consideration for infrastructure readiness and affordability of alternative options like electric vehicles demonstrates a disconnect between policymakers and the realities faced by everyday Australians. Rather than coercing citizens into compliance with arbitrary mandates, the government should focus on fostering a supportive environment for technological advancements and offering incentives to encourage sustainable choices.

In summary, Labor’s proposal to dictate the types of cars Australians are permitted to drive represents an alarming encroachment on personal liberty and economic autonomy. Instead of paternalistic control, policymakers should prioritize empowering individuals to make informed decisions while fostering innovation and inclusivity within the automotive sector.



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  • swannie February 27, 2024   Reply →

    I will be driving my V8 98 petrol, naturally aspirated Nissan Patrol automatic tare weight 3 tonnes till the day they take my licence away. I only drive to the shops now, so as it has only done 74k I think I will wear out before it will. You can drive what ever car you like until it is time for you to stop driving. If you need to buy a new car sometime in the future, way in the future, if Labor or the LNP (they did try in 2018, )introduces an emissions standard you will find that your new vehicle uses less petrol, cheaper to run! Good for your pocket, good for the environment. Will a new car cost more in 5 years, of course it will, did you ever hear of prices reducing.

    National Service, most of us are in favour, but you don’t have to convince us. Do Labor support
    NS ? Would the LNP reintroduce NS if they win government into the future? How do you convince them? How do you convince Mum and Dad. There are app 2.5 million voters between 18 and 22. Approximately 50% are women. Do you suggest that we ban pregnancy for all women between 18 and 22. What about Fathers. History shows than 1/3 of all possible candidates fail a military medical. Good luck negotiating all of that and other issues.

    • JHD February 27, 2024   Reply →

      Labor will tax your gas guzzler until it becomes uneconomic to drive to the shops, or got that matter park it in the driveway

  • JHD February 27, 2024   Reply →

    It’s time to vote Labor out of office. They are changing the nature of this country` and they don’t have that mandate.

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