Leave ANZAC Day Alone

Ever since the release of this proposed acknowledgment, my anger has only intensified. My Frontline and inbox are overflowing with messages of disgust. Sub-branch presidents and secretaries alike are expressing vehement opposition to any political interference in ANZAC Day.

One RSL sub-president responded to a member’s inquiry about why this travesty was occurring with a bleak truth: “While I sympathize with your outrage, we’re shackled by the government’s dictates. They dictate the rules for current serving members’ participation, including the inclusion of a Welcome to Country.”

If this is indeed the reality, then we are doomed to witness ANZAC Day and its solemn promise to honour the fallen being hijacked by those we’ve entrusted to safeguard its sanctity and the memory of those who sacrificed for our freedom.

Below is an email from Roger Wickham just one of the many.



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  • Richard Barry OAM April 7, 2024   Reply →

    What’s the worse that can happen if a sub-Branch ignores this rubbish?

  • Tony Brown April 7, 2024   Reply →

    Hi there.
    It was only a matter of time before this government and its cronies try to get rid of or down play Anzac day,
    Albanese is still smarten by the shock loss of the voice to parliament, and he will do everything possible to try and get satisfaction for his loss have you noticed Australia day was a low key event and now Woolworths have dropped the tinned Anzac biscuits, again all this is because Woolworths lost big money supporting the ues vote , we as veterans have to stand tall on these matters by voicing this to local members of parliament, we
    as veterans would be absolutely stupid if we continue to support the Albanese government. Sit back and think what his government has done and remember it will get worse before the next election

  • John PATERSON (1731916 ) April 8, 2024   Reply →

    Once again I say that all you have to do is NOT utter their garbage on the day .
    Because there is nothing that they can really do to force you into that acceptance.
    You do not have to say anything derogetary because saying nothing is the best remedy.

  • David Raymond Waterston April 8, 2024   Reply →

    Just turn you back when it comes up, only the sheep will stand still..

  • Peter Knight April 9, 2024   Reply →

    This “Welcome to Country” I believe was created by Erny Dingo, it has nothing to do with any Aboriginal ceremony or Australia.

  • Ken.T. April 10, 2024   Reply →

    I for One will still, regardless of what others do or say, commemorate ANZAC DAY in my neck of the woods. I will be at our local war memorial at 5.30 am and I will give a minutes silence to my Mates both Past and Present.

    I have already been told that there will be five others joining me and they are not Veterans but citizens who appreciate what they have, because of the sacrifice of the Diggers.

    There are those who take their Freedom for Granted because they were born in Australia.
    Then there are those who fought for the Freedom that we cherish here in Australia.

    God Bless The Service Men and Woman. With out them we could never have Freedom of Choice.

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