Lithium Reaction to Water

Read before opening the attached video.

The experiment is carried out with a small 1.5V lithium battery cell! Take a good look at the state of the container that held the water following the test!

In an electric car, all the batteries represent 400 volts direct and weigh 180 kg. It’s in English but the images are enough to explain the phenomenon. Lithium mixed with water explodes and releases enormous intensity of heat. This is why firefighters can’t put out a fire on an electric car!

This is the main reason why we don’t want electric cars in underground car parks.

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  • Grahame Higgs January 22, 2024   Reply →

    Lithium-Ion Battery fires can be safely extinguished with F-500 Encapsulator Agent suppressant.
    I’m surprised that the fire authorities don’t make it mandatory on their trucks,

    Some good info on this site:

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