Love what you have.

Sometimes there are Australians that don’t get the chance to smell the wattle

Sometimes there are some that never get to swim in our jewelled sea

There are people who have lost limbs defending us that never get to dance

To celebrate our special day there are some that would like the chance.


There are some that are still filled with hatred from 200 years before

When British ship bearing convicts arrived on a new countries shore

There are many who have built Australia till it grew into a nation

Then a flag was born to fly proudly as we headed forwards to federation.


There are many who have served our flag across our wide brown plains

Ready to help out mates in droughts and flooding rains

In Australia we call them mates…unknown to us but care

When disaster calls from all over ordinary Australians will be there


So why can’t we come together why do people want to change the date

Australia day should unite us, that’s the meaning of a Mate

The Flag that flies above you proudly every day

We can achieve the best that’s our Australian way


John Seagg – 26th Jan 2024


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