Major task ahead of Vice Admiral David Johnston

Vice Admiral David Johnston begins his term as Australia’s Defence Force chief amidst significant challenges. The federal government has entrusted him with the task of addressing plummeting morale and stagnant recruitment, set against the backdrop of unprecedented strategic uncertainty. Despite his anticipated short tenure, Johnston’s reputation as an industrious leader suggests he will implement much-needed reforms during his time in office.

With experience as Joint Operations chief and Defence Force vice chief, Johnston is well-equipped to tackle the multifaceted issues ahead. His appointment as the first naval leader to head the Defence Force in two decades reflects the recognition that contemporary challenges largely revolve around Australia’s maritime capabilities.

Key challenges include the pressing workforce crisis characterized by recruitment shortfalls and low morale. The Defence Force aims to increase its personnel by 30% by 2040, but current numbers fall short, necessitating concerted efforts to attract and retain talent.

Improving morale involves addressing cultural issues within the Defence Force and the department, a task Defence Minister Richard Marles has committed to tackling. Johnston emphasizes the importance of creating a respectful and supportive environment for personnel.

Budgetary considerations are crucial to bolstering morale, as insufficient support and unrealistic expectations contribute to dissatisfaction. Marles proposes cuts and restructuring to align resources with actual needs, aiming to instil confidence in the workforce.

Johnston’s tenure coincides with the release of a report on internal cultural issues, including veteran suicides, underscoring the imperative for reform and improved support mechanisms. The Defence Force’s participation in the Royal Commission reflects a commitment to enhancing its culture.

The Prime Minister highlighted the need for effective leadership in navigating a complex global strategic environment, particularly in responding to regional tensions. Johnston’s appointment signifies a shift in focus from the war on terror to new challenges, requiring adaptive leadership and strategic vision.



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